Words of Wisdom from 5 PR Professionals

Last week, I had the pleasure of sitting on a Grad Panel at Niagara College with four other PR program graduates. We come from various sectors and each play a unique role within our organization. The students were very inquisitive and asked a lot of questions. However, no matter how different the questions seemed to be, the panel kept rotating back to three basic pieces of advice: be confident, rely on your team and network.

1) Be Confident: Being confident in what you do says a lot about what you can offer an organization. Even if you are not the most experienced or knowledgeable person in the room, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have anything to contribute to the group. Boosting confidence (not arrogance) is the best way to prove that you’re an asset to the team.

2) Rely on your Team: Joining a new organization can be stressful. But you’re not alone. Every member of the group was new at one time. Remember that your colleagues are resources and should be considered as such.

3) Network: Whether you’re a communications advisor, events coordinator or website developer, networking is critical component of any profession because it can open many doors for you. It’s important to emerge yourself in your field’s local network and start building a personal brand amongst other professionals. Here are a couple of ways you can get started:

  • Professional Associations: Almost every field has a professional association. Find one that has a chapter close to your hometown or work.
  • Online Meetups: In a digital era the options of networking are endless. Websites like meetups.com and eventbrite.com are full of informal events organized by people outside of a registered organization.
  • Conferences: Although expensive, conferences can be a great way for people of similar interests or professions to connect.
  • Whether you are fresh out of school or an experienced professional, following these simple techniques will help you develop a long, fulfilling career. Remember – Doors can’t open themselves… without a little push.