Sock it to Me: The Power of Words

Images attract. No surprise there. In our fast paced world where attention spans seem to be getting shorter by the minute – or second – pictures continue to be worth a thousand words. Or maybe more these days.

How convenient then. If a picture’s worth a thousand words, an engaging image says a whole lot about you and your business. That’s a whole lot of writing out of the way.

But as important as captivating imagery and alluring design is to your content marketing, words are powerful too, as much, or even more so than those images and colours you’ve carefully selected.

Words paint a picture of who we are. Spoken words immediately make a statement about how interesting we are – or aren’t. Just think about how quick we are to use the same old phrases even though it takes so little effort to change it up. Here’s a pretty common one. How did you respond the last time someone asked, “How are you?” Did you reply with, “Good” or the ever intriguing, “Not bad.” That’s too bad. Had you responded with “Top drawer!” or “Bloody fantastic!” you would have made someone smile. And, you would have created an instant connection. Two words, one big impression.

So what about the written word? Maybe when it comes to your website, you’ve started to focus less on words because you feel that reading is falling out of fashion. Let’s face it. Libraries have always been quiet, but they do seem to be getting even quieter these days. Yet, that doesn’t mean we’ve stopped reading. In fact, with a device on hand at seemingly every moment of the day, we’re actually reading more than ever. And your brand storytelling can’t be done with visuals alone.

So don’t make the mistake of focusing only on the look and design of your website without carefully crafting your words. Your words communicate who you are. They’re a reflection of your personality. Just as easily as a picture, they can forge an emotional connection. Words tell a story. And people love a good story.

So what’s yours? How did your business come to be? How did it involve? What motivates you to do what you do? No matter your business, no matter your product, there must be some interesting story behind it.

Take a look at the Sock Club at for a perfect example of great storytelling. I bet you never knew that socks could be so interesting. But at the Sock Club, every sock comes with its own story, and some deep inspiration. Whether it be panoramic mountain views, Greek Gods, philosophers, or even the circus, every sock tells a story. Seriously. The socks have a lot to say.

Even more seriously? I can hardly wait to become a member and receive the sock of the month because – surprise, surprise – they just connected with me and made me smile.