Our Work

Website Redesign


The Challenge
With its 20th anniversary quickly approaching, Multimatic needed an exciting new look for their website. In-house users were looking for straightforward content management while sponsors wanted frequent updates. A continually evolving race program meant site updates had to be done with minimal disruption.

Our Approach
Having an accessible, theme-based, open-source website was critical, so we redesigned the site with convenience in mind. The sure fire way to please every user? Combine convenience with rich graphics and a well organized site structure!

The Results
Fast cars, fast access … fast finish. Employees are now able to easily edit and maintain the site with minimal delay and love the new online tools that make updates a breeze. Graphical content is more easily integrated into site themes – a key feature for any company needing to get products into market quickly and effectively. And it looks … sensational. Check it out at http://multimaticmotorsports.com

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