Our Work

saveONenergy for Business Newspaper Insert

Hydro Ottawa

The Challenge

Hydro Ottawa wanted to reach out to those business owners with a vested interested in conservation. With a variety of incentives aiming to help businesses increase efficiencies and reduce operating costs, and an offer to reimburse up to 50% of the project costs, Hydro Ottawa had the solutions. The challenge was communicating the benefits and inspiring business owners to take charge.

Our Approach

Word-of-mouth seems to work every time. And we wondered … could we create word-of-mouth advertising with a newspaper insert? It may sound like a stretch, but not to us! We reached out to well-known businesses that had taken advantage of incentives and been thrilled with their results. By showcasing their inspiring success stories through a series of case studies, we got everyone talking about Hydro Ottawa!

The Results

The inspirational stories and smiling faces said it all: these incentives really work. Timely return-on-investment, savings over time, and a demonstrated commitment to energy-efficiency. Much to be proud of, and a great conversation starter at your next meeting!

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