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The Challenge

Summertime! The perfect time to hit the beach and relax! But even during the dog days of summer, PowerStream has energy efficiency top of mind. The ultimate challenge? Encouraging consumers to stay focussed on making energy-conscious decisions all summer long, both inside and outside the home.

Our Approach

A bright and cheery direct-mail coupon book with a sunny reminder to “Get Your Summer Save On!” Filled with money-saving coupons and energy-saving tips highlighting those essential summertime solutions, we encouraged consumers to try everything from “Joining the Fan Club” (by installing a ceiling fan) to “Taking It Outside” (by using a clothesline rather than a dryer)!

The Results

Who could resist the savings? Between the sunny mailer, the timely tips, and the substantial savings, energy-efficiency just became the hottest trend of the summer!

Categories: conservation.

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