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Just Ask Us

Horizon Utilities

The Challenge
Horizon Utilities was looking to connect with their customers. Eager to engage them, they wanted to present their employees as real people – offering real energy solutions – while demonstrating a genuine interest in their customers. Horizon knows it’s easy to do business with them, but how could they convince their customers?

Our Approach
It’s all about creating the connection and starting the conversation in a fun, open-minded way. And the ‘Just Ask Us’ campaign creates the ideal connection, giving everyone a new image in the process! It offers a unique way to connect customers and employees, redefining them as energy saving ‘champions’ and ‘experts’. The ‘experts’ are Horizon employees – bright, personable, innovative and easy-going professionals who also happen to be experts on reducing energy and saving money. The ‘champions’ are experienced customers – clever, friendly, regular people who have successfully reduced energy use with Horizon’s energy saving products and services.

The Results
An engaging campaign showcasing real people with real solutions! Getting your questions answered is a breeze with straightforward answers from people in the know. Even better? Striving to be the energy saving champion in your very own neighbourhood! Who wouldn’t want to be part of that connection?


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