Our Work

Heat Reflector Direct Mail


The Challenge

Enbridge was ready to spread the word about the latest and greatest way to reduce heat loss in the home – the Novitherm Heat Reflector. Professionally installed on radiators and baseboard convectors, they reflect 90% of the heat a radiator wastes on exterior walls right back into the room. Enbridge clearly saw the Novitherm benefits. But would the tenants see them too?

Our Approach

We knew the issue came down to trust. We needed tenants to believe in two things: first, there would be no cost to them, and second, the relector would keep them more comfortable. Knowing that the message needed to be delivered by a trusted, familiar face, we headed straight to the landlord with a simple, easy-to-understand direct mail piece.

The Results

Cleverly designed to look like the Heat Reflector itself, the message came through loud and clear. A simple form on the back notified the tenant of the date and time for installation, and presto, chango, the Heat Reflectors went to work, making life more comfortable for everyone involved.

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