Our Work


Coppley Apparel Group

The Challenge

Coppley sets itself apart from the competition with a few notable elements – unparalleled customer service, enduring customer and retailer loyalty, and the ability to produce an exceptional custom suit in seven days. They challenged us to “say it all” with a series of ads to be showcased across a variety of mediums.

Our Approach

“Efficiency, quality, perfection.” We know that it’s more than a tagline to Coppley. It’s a promise. So we decided to deliver the same promise right back to them by developing headers and images that spoke to the company’s promise, demonstrating their strengths, their commitment, and their quality. Our aim was to tie it all together with custom imagery brought to life with needle and thread.

The Results

Our concept was second-to-none, just like Coppley Apparel Group. By casting just the right light on intriguing imagery and producing powerful headers that spoke volumes, our ads proved once again why Coppley has remained at the forefront of men’s premier apparel since 1883.

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