Our Work

The Drywall Calculator


The Challenge
Consumers love Do-It-Yourself projects, but it’s not always so simple to DIY! CertainTeed wondered how they could make DIY projects all the more appealing by taking away some of the guesswork.

Our Approach
Every good Do-It-Yourselfer knows that to get the job done right, you need to measure twice, cut once. So we created the “Drywall Calculator”, a conventional Point-of-Sale display for big box retailers. Its purpose? To help consumers calculate the amount of drywall and accessories for their DIY project.

The Results
No fuss, no muss. With the “Drywall Calculator”, the guesswork is eliminated and consumers make a beeline straight to CertainTeed products. The formula was duplicated on CertainTeed’s website, and of course, it was mobile friendly.

Categories: digital, packaging, traditional and website.

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