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It’s common knowledge that going to school hungry prevents children from reaching their full potential. Struggling to learn and focus becomes a daily battle, leading to lifelong consequences like lower literacy and numeracy skills along with the lasting health consequences of poor nutrition.

At Brickworks, we start our day with a healthy breakfast. Shouldn’t everyone have that opportunity? We think so. With that thought in mind, we set out to show once again, just how much Brickworks Cares.

And just like that, we found ourselves standing at the door of Prince of Wales Elementary School in Hamilton, one of the schools working to ensure each student gets off to a healthy start each and every day. Breakfast. It may seem like a simple endeavour, but it’s more involved than you might think.

It all starts with Haldimand Norfolk REACH, the lead agency for student nutrition programs in the Hamilton-Niagara region. REACH partners with Hamilton Tastebuds, Hamilton’s Student Nutrition Collaborative. Tastebuds connects with local schools to support nutrition programs, and funding streams in from the Ministry of Child & Youth Services. But like many programs, government funding covers only a portion of the cost, in this case, about 15%. After that, it’s up to the local partnership, schools and students to figure out how to raise the rest.

At Brickworks, we like figuring things out. And we figured … offering a healthy breakfast to 180 hungry children every day requires a significant amount of money, supplies, and enthusiastic volunteers. So that’s where we stepped in.

Like we do with every project, Brickworks delivered on all fronts. From a substantial cash donation, to a collection of new appliances and cooking supplies, to offering up a couple of capable volunteer Brickworkers on a regular basis, we’re feeling significantly fulfilled by our efforts to help sustain the program.

Showing we care really is a win-win. We feel fulfilled. Bellies feel full. And whether it be school or work, everyone starts their day the full potential way.

The Challenge

Over the years, Brickworks has spearheaded many charitable initiatives. We wanted to create a dedicated environment in which our clients, suppliers, friends, family and the community at large could learn more about the charitable causes we support.

Our Approach

In November 2014, we launched Brickworks Cares – a website dedicated to our charitable initiatives, and a place where others can learn how to get involved and show just how much they care, too. We’re always coming up with creative ideas to show how much Brickworks Cares, and now we have a place to share those ideas.

Chopper4Change-Logo   food_logo

Brickworks Cares launched the Chopper 4 Change charity raffle. We commissioned Bram Pieper to build a one-of-a-kind chopper pedal bike – The Phantom Flyer. Bram, creator of Dramaville Chopper Co., a volunteer organization dedicated to building unique bikes for underprivileged kids, has dedicated his life to helping street kids. The objective was to sell tickets for a chance to win the extraordinarily rare ride, with 100% of the ticket sales going straight to a worthy cause. A perfect fit was Food4Kids, a weekend meal program that distributes over 740 healthy food packages in over 45 schools throughout Hamilton and Halton every week.

UW Logo

Brickworks has been an ongoing supporter of the United Way Hamilton/Burlington for many years. From organizing and sponsoring their floats, signs and banners for local parades to providing them with a warm and inviting office space in our former Elizabeth Street office, Brickworks has walked and worked alongside the United Way for quite a while! We even lent them our President, John Pitts, who donated his talents to their volunteer Leadership, Marketing and Ancaster Chapter Committees. We look forward to supporting them again this year with their upcoming campaign and challenges so stay tuned for another Brickworks charity initiative …

The Results

The Chopper 4 Change program was a huge success! With the help of our clients, suppliers and staff, we raised $3,000 for Food4Kids. We also got to present the lucky winner of the raffle, Jake Windsor from Capture, with his sweet new ride – The Phantom Flyer. We hope to continue our success and raise even more money for those in need. Stay tuned for upcoming initiatives.

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