Our Work

Affordable Housing Direct Mail Piece


The Challenge

With cash incentives for a variety of equipment upgrades, Enbridge has Affordable Housing providers covered. From high-efficiency retrofits to low-flow showerheads, energy savings and increased home comfort are truly at your fingertips. The tough part? Convincing busy housing providers that the solutions really are that easy to access.

Our Approach

Our pop-up direct mail piece was hard to resist. And the message inside? Even harder! As the card opened, a high rise building rose up and we spoke to the building owners directly with a simple, promising, and tempting call-to-action: “Rise to the Challenge: Lower Energy Usage and Get Cash Back”.

The Results

Who can say “no” to cash back? With direct messaging, clearly defined incentives, and a real person to call, Affordable Housing providers caught on. Saving energy really can be rewarding. On so many levels.

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