The Importance of Strategic Planning for Marketing Campaigns

Our “motto” is Grounded Ideas Produce Inspired Results. Any agency can be creative, but it’s the research, thoughts and rationale (grounded ideas) behind the campaign that can make it great (inspired results).

A plan is shaped by strategy. Strategy is formed by goals. Success is measured by the achievement of those goals.  When launching a new business, product or program, it is critical that you have more than just a marketing plan, you need a strategy. You can’t have one without the other.

Creating a marketing plan or statement of goals helps communicate a coherent framework that demonstrates what exactly you are trying to accomplish, and how you’re planning to do so.

The strategy is the “why”. It is critical that you do your homework and fully understand who you are trying to reach and what makes them “tick” before you create your plan.  Ask yourself; who is your target audience? How do you compare to your competition? What makes you unique?

Small Business Canada defines a marketing plan as the outline of specific actions you intend to carry out in order to gain interest from potential clients or customers. This is the next step to successful marketing; deciding which media or tactics will best resonate with your audience.

Michael Porter, author of the well-known Five Forces’ model for analysis, has this to say about defining strategy:

Companies often create marketing plans that are too broad. As Michael Porter mentioned, many are confusing strategy with a plan. “The steps we take; are not the strategy” (M.Porter;2009). You can never have too much information. Don’t feel like you’re failing by not following a plan the way you anticipated. It is all about experiencing the different channels of media and marketing, and then potentially coming back to the drawing board. You will eventually get to the end result. The trial and error while creating a strategic plan will provide you with a basic outline to use on future projects.

Not quite sure where to begin or how to create and execute a proper strategic plan for your business? We have the resources and team of experts that can help!