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Brand Development

A brand is the life-blood of any company, and it must be handled with tender loving care. It also takes constant vigilance, discipline and intelligence to ensure that brand is not compromised. We help clients with brand management from the initial concept to the ongoing development evolution, and we never forget what that brand stands for.

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At Brickworks, everything starts with strategy. It’s the first and most important step in every campaign we do. That’s why we take the time to carefully analyze the objectives, customer knowledge, category market intelligence and everything else we can get our hands on to create strategies that are focused and effective. Then we track, measure and analyze results in order to constantly refine and improve campaign strategies and execution.

Public Relations

Public relations can be a lot of things: media & community relations, issues management, events management, sponsorship & promotion. But the most critical element in any PR campaign is CONTENT. Whether it’s a blog, post or tweet, compelling, relevant and provocative content is the most important ingredient in the PR mix.

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Direct Response

Direct Response is used to target individuals or segments with variable messaging (and usually an offer) and a direct call-to-action to drive immediate response. It can use all or select communication channels – broadcast, print, direct mail, email and online - to quickly deliver qualified leads or sales in the short-term, while building brand awareness.

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Social Media

We don’t think in terms of ‘traditional media’ and ‘social/digital’ media. Today, social is traditional. And virtually every campaign we do includes an element of social media. Our social media campaigns are measured against the same benchmarks that we use to measure everything we do: awareness, engagement, conversion and sales. Social media platforms and channels are changing all the time. We keep on top of what is happening and how to leverage it to your benefit.


Brickworks has been working in the digital space since the Commodore 64 was big news. We’ve done it all: responsive website design & development, custom mobile website development, online ads, applications, social media strategy & execution, content creation, email and retail sales tools.

Here is our digital philosophy: just because it’s emerging doesn’t mean it should be tested independently. Layer it in with your other tactics but be sure to track and measure it separately to determine its effectiveness.


The channels for distributing advertising messages may splinter and change, but one thing remains the same: awareness is still one of the key drivers of any campaign. After all, if no one knows who you are, it’s kind of unlikely they will buy anything from you. Today, general awareness campaigns are integrated with social media, PR and other media to achieve your objectives faster, and more affordably, than ever.

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