Agency? Or a Uniquely Talented Family?

Brickworks Communications is a very unique place to work. We’ve been referred to as a company, an organization, a business; all of which is true. But because we’re in the communications, marketing and advertising biz, we’re more commonly considered to be an Agency.

An agency can be defined as “A business or organization established to provide a particular service, typically one that involves organizing transactions between two other parties.” ( Agency). I don’t care how big, or how small you are. That definition is much too stringent for my liking. Not to mention how agencies have some pretty negative stigmas attached to them; cut throat, stressful, overwhelming, money driven and impersonal. “We don’t act like a typical agency. We don’t just execute stuff. We solve problems, create ideas, and build stories for our clients.”

Although every individual in the office has their title, their roles and specific tasks; we’re a giant team! We have our online team, the “creatives”, a group of associates, directors and project managers; oh and of course the big BOSS – but there are several members within each group that really do it all. At the end of the day a client isn’t just assigned to one individual. A client of BCI is a client to all of us. We all have great ideas; we all bring different traits, skills and opinions to the table, but most importantly; we all CARE! Each and every one of us is what makes the magic happen!!

I started out by saying BCI is a very unique place to work; do you agree yet? I bet you want to work with us now. Or be our friends? How about a client? Let me tell you this; you won’t be disappointed!