Monthly Archives: March 2017

One Site, One Voice

The time has come. You’re ready to revamp your website and you want to start with the copy. You have several departments. You’re surrounded by knowledge workers. So many people with so much to offer. You accept multiple contributions to your website by choosing a number of staff to write content. Next, simply put it all together and you’re all set, right?

Wrong. It all sounds good in theory, but having several writers create content for your site – no matter how skilled they are – can lead to a disjointed, inconsistent site that’s a disappointment to your visitors.

With your website, your blog, and even your tweets, your objective is to present your business in a unified, consistent, recognizable way. Would you design every page differently, asking multiple designers to put their own spin on it? Of course not. Your copy should be no different. So take the most direct route to consistency by using one voice. Let’s look at a few strategies to make this happen.

  • One voice = one writer. You can still accept contributions from a variety of knowledgeable staff, but they don’t need to wordsmith their contributions. Instead, they need only present the highlights, even in bullet form or through conversation with your writer/editor who connects with all contributors, pulling vital content, and compiling it into a draft document. One writer, one voice, one tone, one style.
  • Define your tone. As a business, who are you? How do you want to present to the world? Are you serious? Straightforward? Witty? Relaxed or more formal? There’s no right or wrong answer. It simply depends on you and who you are.
  • Consider your audience. Who visits your website and for what purpose? Detach from your own office space and put yourself in their place. What might they expect when they visit your site? How do they like to be spoken to? And if you can keep it conversational, great.
  • Define your brand and keep it consistent. Brand consistency makes you recognizable and familiar, and it comforts your consumers. Your customers want to know you. Familiarity feels good and it makes regular visitors believe you can be trusted. If they feel they know you, they identify with you and want to return to you, time and time again.