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Direct Mail: Is It Still a Direct Route to Your Audience?

Let’s investigate. Is direct mail (DM) still an effective marketing strategy, or has it gone the way of the horse and buggy combo and door-to-door milk delivery? Personally, I’d gladly forgo the effort of hauling those awkward bags of milk to my car in favour of having cold, bottled milk delivered to my door every week. But that’s a Dragon’s Den pitch for another day.

So in this day of advanced capabilities and lightning speed digital tactics, is DM still worthwhile? To find out, let’s ask some direct questions.

Is it measurable? Absolutely. You can track the success of your DM campaign just the same as your ability to track your digital campaign. With visits to custom landing pages, registrations, sign ups, inquiries, coupons redeemed, and more, you can track and analyze to your heart’s content.

The score so far? DM Disciples – 1. Naysers – 0.

Is it tangible? When it arrives, your recipient must at least touch it. And if you’ve delivered a targeted message in a striking, curiosity-building package, it’ll get noticed. Think about it. It’s the one strategy that puts your message physically into your customer’s hands. Move from postcards and letters to a three dimensional package and you just scored. DM Disciples – 2. Naysayers – 0.

Is it suitable for every audience? Even “kids these days” will attend to a piece of paper. In fact, just this morning my 17-year old grabbed a private college brochure from our kitchen counter and said, “This is neat. Can I take this to school and show my Guidance teacher?” I’m not making this up. And further to our last blog questioning the potential disconnect between seniors and social media, DM is no doubt a suitable strategy for every audience. Game on – it’s a 3-nothing lead.

Can it provoke a call-to-action? 74% of consumers look forward to browsing the contents of their mailbox*. Correct – that’s mailbox, not inbox. And 79% of consumers will act on DM immediately*. Game over.

DM is clearly a winner. But just one closing thought. At risk of flogging a dead horse (attached to an obsolete buggy), the choice to use DM is entirely yours, even though we’d clearly recommend it. But either way, always be sure to choose an integrated marketing strategy. We never get tired of saying it because we believe in what we’re saying – the most fruitful campaigns make use of a diverse collection of tactics. Why? Because it’s all about integration.