Monthly Archives: November 2016

Get Facebook Working for You

Thinking about marketing with Facebook? First of all, great idea. With its huge user base, and user tendency to log in daily, it’s another digital space where you can grab some attention without a huge outlay of cash or effort.

But before you even think about jumping onto Facebook’s advertising platform, start by getting your house in order. Your home base – or in other words, your page – needs to be in tip top shape before you welcome visitors. Although Facebook pages are free and basically easy to set up, if you don’t use them well, your visitors won’t stick around. And although it’s just a page, it’s still a marketing tool that you’ll want to use to your greatest advantage.

Let’s start with the basics – your profile photo. Your company logo is your photo. It’s as simple as that. What you do with the cover image is another story. Let your creativity shine while choosing images that relate to your business and are visually appealing enough to hold your visitors’ attention.

Now for the “About” section. Can you explain what your business does in one sentence? Perfect. You may only have a split second to explain yourself before losing the reader’s attention. So be clear, succinct, and to the point. Add a contact method and move on to your tabs.

Tabs, or “Favourites” are used well when they appeal to your visitors. You thought about yourself when you wrote that one sentence description for the “About” section, so it’s time to turn your thoughts to your visitors. What do they want? Do you run events? Then how about an Events tab to let people sign up? Or how about promoting subscription to your business blog? Or downloadable offers? Your choices depend on what you do and what your visitors want from you. After all, great marketing is all about getting into your customers’ mind space.

And finally, your posts. Consider them carefully. Make them meaningful, make them worthwhile. Too many will clog the news feeds of your fans, so go easy. Here’s a few things to try:

  • Big announcements are great. Fans love to hear good news, whether it be your latest product launch or the industry award you just won.
  • Lead the way by using link posts to drive traffic to your website.
  • Engage your fans. Ask for their opinion and let them know how it impacts what you do.
  • Be exclusive. Offer customer perks or exclusive offers and events.

Once you’ve mastered the art of the page, you can move on to more powerful tactics with targeted and measurable adverts. But for now, get your house in order and start thinking about what your customers want from you. Remember, it’s all about getting people to like you. And at Brickworks, we’re good at that.