Monthly Archives: September 2016

We’ve Made A Big Move

It feels good to say that. It feels good to make a big move. And it feels good to welcome change.

Brickworks experienced a warm welcome and dramatic change when we made the move to the Cotton Factory this summer. If you don’t know about the Cotton Factory, it’s time you did. In the heart of lower Hamilton, it’s our city’s creative arts centre. This former industrial building, circa 1900, boldly showcases the concept of adaptive reuse. What’s old is new again in this building – in the most creative ways. A former cotton mill, it’s been transformed into a bustling working space for all things creative, from curators to filmmakers.

That’s where Brickworks fits in, bringing our creativity and enthusiasm to this revitalizing location. We’ve had a few surprises, from skirting around horses and actors in 1800’s garb, well immersed in their photo shoot, to the unexpected sight of acrobats swinging from the ceilings. It sure beats your standard utilitarian office building filled with cubicles, narrow hallways, and slow moving elevators.

Come visit us at the Cotton Factory, 270 Sherman Avenue North. Like us, we’re sure you’ll find a rejuvenating and stimulating space. See you soon.