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Racking up Retweets with Entertaining Biz Tweets

Previously on Brickwords …

We discussed the merits of Twitter. Who wouldn’t feel good about driving engagement, interaction, and direct response with only 140 characters? Simple, right?

Well, we also mentioned the importance of visually appealing, entertaining, and creative tweets. After all, tweeting may be short and sweet, but people like waking up to the sounds of birds, not drifting off to sleep with them.

The key is being smart enough, savvy enough, witty enough … to get retweets. The goal is to get traction out of your tweets. And a tweet won’t gain traction unless lots of people retweet it.

So let’s take it from the experts. And by “expert”, we mean those who put out some of the best tweets. EVER!

At Wonderful Pistachios, they’re not just wonderful, they’re witty:


Thanks to Shrek, a song that was once banned by MTV for its “blatantly sexual lyrics”, went from controversial to perfectly mainstream. Kudos to Delta Airlines for capitalizing on a song that’s familiar to … ummmm … everyone from 4 year-olds to aging boomers:


Live tweeting during huge events has to be the most powerful way to perform. Imagine, millions of people watching the GRAMMYs, those same millions watching what people are saying about the show on social media, and Arby’s burning their logo into the minds of millions with this:


Arguably the most famous ginger in the world, Wendy allows us free reign on PDA even though Kiss a Ginger Day didn’t fall on Hump Day this year:


And finally, if this doesn’t make you smile, you must be having one really bad day: