Monthly Archives: February 2016

Tweet Tweet

Twitter. It’s fast. It’s simple. It’s short. It’s a lightweight and easy way to communicate. And isn’t that what we’re constantly striving for in these fast-paced times?

It’s quite possible that you’re wondering about the merits of Twitter. Is it really worthwhile for your business? Well, considering that Oprah banked $12 million with one tweet (about bread, no less), it’s probably worth investigating.

So … about this $12 million dollar tweet. The cash started collecting when Oprah posted a video about her Weight Watchers journey and sang the praises of bread. Apparently she loves it, eats it, yet continues to lose weight. Admittedly, that’s amazing. Now let’s do the math:

  • Weight Watchers shares increase more than 16%
  • Oprah owns roughly 6 million shares (or 10% of its stock)
  • Oprah rakes in a cool $12 mill. Ka-ching!

The bottom line? Oprah is arguably the most famous woman in the world. So if it’s good enough for her, isn’t it good enough for you?

Think of Twitter as the ability to have a quick conversation with your clients or your customers every single day. Wouldn’t that be worthwhile? And given that Twitter allows just 140 characters per tweet, keeping your message clear and concise is key. But with direct, on point messaging, you can say a lot with 140 characters.

Just imagine what you could do.

You could drive engagment and interaction.

With visually appealing, entertaining, and creative tweets, you can encourage your followers to retweet or favourite your tweets. And last time we checked the Book of Etiquette, we confirmed that it’s perfectly acceptable to ask for retweets, replies, favourites, and mentions.

You could drive direct response.

Make an offer. And make it compelling. You’ll drive clicks and generate leads. Put a time limit on your offer and create a sense of urgency. Build in a clear call-to-action, and you just drove response right to the bank.

So let’s get tweeting. Start by creating a Tweet calendar to keep you motivated and on track. Keep it compelling, keep it interesting, keep it interactive. And most importantly, enjoy singing the praises of all you and your business have to offer.