Monthly Archives: February 2015


Wake up, go to work, come home, repeat. Routine becomes second nature after a while; it’s the elastic band that holds each day together. There is beauty in routine. It makes us feel in charge of our life. We live in a world filled with impulse, surprises, and “the great unknown”. That’s what makes life fun and interesting. There’s adventure in the unknown. Or so I thought.

Many will agree that “routine” isn’t a term commonly heard among the student community. The past six years of my life as a college and university student have been more of a … well … “do your own thing on your own time” kinda life. There wasn’t much daily structure; wake up when you like, stay out until sunrise, make class optional some days and lounge around all day. To many, this might sound like a dream, but it drove me nuts after a while.
Since trading in my books for a briefcase, I’ve found predictability can be a great thing. Being a Brickworks Rookie, the scheduled Monday to Friday 9-5 gives me organization, stability and routine. I’m motivated to get up early (without help from the snooze button) and start my day off right. Deadlines eliminate my procrastinating, because there’s no longer the option of cramming through all-nighters.

Even though I still miss parts of school, I wouldn’t trade being a Brickworker for anything. And hey, I can still sleep in on weekends!

Mike Ferguson