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You know when you’re driving and it’s decision time at the proverbial “fork in the road”? Do you head left or right? Right is the route you planned to take, but left is unknown and somehow more tantalizing, scenic or risky. And for whatever reason, you just take it. No logic or real thought behind it. You just go for it. When you go past that right turn there is a little rush of excitement that comes over you. What lies ahead? What have I done? Should I go back? This is going to be great! Wait til I tell … I’m so glad I did! Never forget these feelings.

Career paths are very similar. When you are in high school, you picture in your mind a road that you will travel the rest of your life. This Right turn is: perhaps college or university, job, marriage, house, kids, Saturday night movies and summers in Muskoka. You don’t picture much past this. As your career begins, there are many Left turns that lie ahead. Most of these Lefts you will think out logically with plenty of real thought. However, don’t overthink them and simply take the same Right turn; be willing to take a few Lefts. You can always turn back. Taking a few Lefts allows you to find that fit, that feeling, that reason to get up each day with an excitement to see what’s going to happen next.

My roads were different. I graduated college in Sports Business, and as a tennis pro, I figured I would be teaching and running a racquet club for the rest of my life. That didn’t happen, so I took my first Left and got into the sporting goods business. Next Left was owning and running a sporting goods store in Oakville, next Left was putting up the “Back in 15 minutes” sign on the front door, and I never returned. Next Left? Film Sales with Superior Engravers, a.k.a. Brickworks. Even Brickworks made a hard Left some 20 years ago, evolving its business from a printing industry pre-press company into the Marketing and Communications firm we are today.

Once you find a fit, you tend to analyze the forks a little more. Money, prestige or a title with responsibility may or may not be the road for you. These Lefts are harder to choose, but you still have to consider them and be willing to have the courage to take them at any time. That’s what makes life interesting.

Your career road is ever fluid. That perfect fit may be just around the bend. Get into the Left lane and go. You’ve got lots of time later in life to put the cruise on in the Right lane.

So, hang a few Lefts – not as safe – but way more thrilling, fulfilling and rarely regretted.

Work Hard! Play Harder!! And relax …

Ferg, out.




Over the years, Brickworks has spearheaded many charitable initiatives. With the support and generosity of our clients, suppliers, friends, family and the community at large, we have successfully raised and donated thousands of dollars to various charitable causes. Coming up with creative ways to show we care became a passion for us, something to look forward to every year with the drive to make this year’s initiative better than the last. Showing we care became a part of our culture and we wanted to create a dedicated environment to help generate awareness of the charitable causes we support. From this desire and passion, Brickworks Cares was born.

We launched Brickworks Cares in November 2014 with our most exciting initiative yet, the Chopper 4 Change charity raffle. We commissioned Bram Pieper, creator of Dramaville Chopper Co., a volunteer organization dedicated to building unique bikes for underprivileged kids, to build a one-of-a-kind chopper pedal bike. Weeks later, it rolled through the front doors of our office and was quickly dubbed, “The Phantom Flyer”.  Made of nearly 100% recycled material, this chopper is truly one-of-a-kind.

With The Phantom Flyer ready to ride, we needed to figure out how to help a whole bunch of children with one wild bike. Our solution? Sell tickets for a chance to win this extraordinarily rare ride, with 100% of the ticket sales going straight to a worthy cause. A perfect fit was Food4Kids, a weekend meal program that distributes over 740 healthy food packages in over 45 schools throughout Hamilton and Halton every week.

As we continue to support Chopper 4 Change we are already thinking ahead to future initiatives, specifically for the United Way, which Brickworks has supported for many years. We look forward to continually sharing our passion with you and also sharing ways to show just how much you care, too. We promise to make a difference. And we promise to do it a little differently. After all, Brickworks Cares in the most creative ways.

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