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We couldn’t pass up the opportunity to generate awareness for ALS by participating in the Ice Bucket Challenge and donating to a great cause. Watch our fellow Brickworker, Greg Ferguson, take the challenge and nominate our faithful leader, John Pitts! Visit to find out how you can get involved and donate. Will John accept the challenge? Stay tuned!


Brickworks, the place of many memories for me over the past five years.

I was hired fresh out of university. I had a hunger for learning, for adventure and of course, for money. I needed to find a job that would provide me with all of those things to feel like I succeeded, that the past four years of university weren’t a waste.

When I walked into the office on 429 Elizabeth Street in Burlington, I was hit with a sudden warmth of the orange walls, friendly people and an interesting culture. I felt at home. I felt like I was going to be a part of something great, something life changing.

Now, five years later, I’m a full-fledged Brickworker. I have learned many interesting things about Brickworks; facts that even our longest standing clients would never know.

1) We used to be located at 42 Mary Street in Hamilton (Ok, a lot of people already know this).

2) The owner, John Pitts, has five (count that, five) children! He can, and has handled everything from tears to torture.

3) Brickworks wasn’t always “Brickworks”. First, we were Superior Engravers, Superior Graphic Communications, then Superior Interactive Communications.

4)  Before John Pitts gained ownership of Brickworks, Jim Pitts, John’s father, was the owner. Preceding Jim, Harold Pitts (John’s grandfather) started the business in 1921.

5) Harold Pitts and Jim Vansickle were graphic designers and left Commercial Graphics to start Superior Engravers.

6) To this day, Jim Pitts can recall helping war efforts by printing posters for the federal government.

7) In 1972, Superior Engravers made headlines for purchasing an advanced scanner – “First Hell Computerized Scanner Goes to Superior Engravers in Hamilton”, read the title of a large article in Print Action magazine in November 1972.

8) The Brickworks Christmas parties used to be held at the Hamilton Squash Club, now home office to the Hamilton Tiger Cats (well, maybe).

9) When a hockey puck broke John’s nose before a Brickworks Christmas party, he had to attend with a Band-Aid attached to the top of his nose. As a sign of sympathy (or sarcasm), the entire staff placed Band-Aids on their noses to show support.

10) After another legendary Superior Engravers golf tournament, a few members of the Superior family decided it was a good idea to crash the honeymoon of one of their brethren and his bride at the local Royal Connaught Hotel. Due to the persistence of these individuals, the married couple finally let them in the room to have a drink. Now that’s family!

While researching for this blog, I look back on our 75th anniversary material. I smile as I notice a quote from John: “Whatever tomorrow brings, you can rest assured that as we move closer to completing our first 100 years, Superior will continue to be at the forefront of change ever evolving to meet the needs of our clients”. On the brink of our 93rdanniversary, this statement has remained true.

These are only a fraction of the facts that I could possibly gather. If I could sit with Jim Pitts for an hour, I’m sure I could come up with 20 more. The point is, this business has come a long way and the reason it has is that we’re a family.  We care about the job we do, we care about the efforts that we put in, and we care about making a difference. After all, we’re Brickworkers.

Alicia Zabolotney


I am Groot

I recently saw the movie Guardians of the Galaxy and it reminded me of the day-to-day life of a Brickworker. Though we don’t really dress like Star-Lord, Gamora or Rocket, we all come together like this crazy band to save the Galaxy. Okay, that might be a bit over dramatized. Our story however, seems parallel to theirs. First ingredient to success – Teamwork! Working together as a team is what saves the Galaxy. We at Brickworks pride ourselves as the guardians of your brand, masters of each project, on time and on budget. Choose your character; they each have an important role to play. The lines of play go deep, from the front person right to Groot, who is a tree-like humanoid that helps deliver them to the final destination. It is no wonder that Groot was my favourite. Groot was the one who held all things together. He kept everyone on track to reach the common goal. He was the protector of all, and in the end the one that allowed the main characters to land on their feet and protect the Galaxy.

Customer Service is a slick operation. It’s timing! It’s budgeting! It’s teamwork! No, we do not have a gun-toting raccoon, but we do have a team that is smart and possesses specialty skills with clever wordplay, superhuman strength and heightened intelligence. So what do we do? We guard the Galaxy – your Galaxy. Your brand, your specialty; we talk to your target audience and in the end, like Groot, we hold everything together that allows you to achieve your goals. The Guardians are not superheroes; they use tools, tricks and smarts to pull things off. Customer service is about making your customers happy so they keep coming back and spread the word about your great work. We create meaningful relationships with our customers so that together we can Guard a Galaxy. Is it any wonder why the Hollywood blockbuster has smashed the long standing record for August box office releases? Everyone wants and needs a Groot in their business.

Cathy Millar

Guardians of the Galaxy