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Welcome to our first blog under its new name! At Brickworks, we like to mix things up. Aiming to keep things new and fresh, we try not to settle into the same old routine. Our regular Team Brickworkers’ brainstorming sessions bring like minds together and help us breathe new life into our many exciting projects. The result of our latest meeting was a new name for our blog.

BRICKWORDS, our blog’s straightforward name, says it all. It stays true to our roots of keeping things simple, clear, and in line with our values and Brand. The content we share will always be valuable, relevant, smart and compelling. The style? Clear and easy to digest.

Another way we keep things fresh is by adding new ingredients to our familiar recipes. The key ingredient to any blog is its author. So why not add a whole bunch of them? Each of our employees, associates – and even many of our clients – will be contributing to Brickwords, allowing you to benefit from many minds in one social media space.

We’ll add interest to your day with insightful content. We’ll invite you in so you can see how we tick – inside the walls and outside the box at Brickworks. We’ll also listen. We’ll answer your questions, digest your comments, and welcome your contributions.

Designing marketing campaigns with an empathetic eye

When designing a successful marketing campaign, it’s important to truly understand your target audience.  Put yourself in the shoes of your audience and think about what would appeal to you from their perspective, before determining the most effective approach.

An example of this is the Enbridge “Low Income Weatherization Program” that Brickworks recently revitalized to better resonate with the desired target. Enbridge introduced the free program in 2005. The purpose was to help customers in financial need to save money on their energy costs and increase the energy-efficiency (and comfort) of their homes. It was crucial that the campaign be designed with an empathetic eye.

To get a true sense of the prospective program participants, Brickworks Communications conducted extensive interviews with the delivery agents who manage the day-to-day execution of the program.

Through those interviews, we identified the key hurdles we needed to overcome in communicating with the target audience:

  • Overcoming customers’ generic perception of utilities
  • Communication issues – language / literacy barriers make the task even more difficult
  • The existing program identity was too corporate and intimidating, prospective participants had no idea what “Home Weatherization” meant, or what the program was about

Brickworks helped Enbridge create a recognizable and relatable identity for the program that uses language and visuals the target can understand in a context that relates directly to their lives. This new identity includes a more intuitive name, “Home Winterproofing Program”, as well as fresh new graphics in a friendly colour palette that visually portrays how the program delivers warmth and comfort to the home. The design also uses simple icons to communicate key features and benefits of the program.

Brickworks facilitated a series of breakfast meetings to promote the program to community group partners and non-profit agencies at a local level. Other tactics include public transit advertisements, and creating a simple online repository to host high-quality information and leverage this good news story through exiting social media channels, as well as some unexpected online channels like Craigslist, Kijiji & HomeStars.

Asking the right questions of the right people and interpreting the information correctly was the key to making this a successful program. We knew what we wanted to achieve but couldn’t do so without a good understanding of the target. Once we got that down, designing a highly effective strategy was a piece of cake!




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