Monthly Archives: May 2014

Clear and simple. We live by those words.

At Brickworks, we approach every project with the belief that clarity counts. Delivering clear and concise messaging is key – to our clients and to us.

By using Clear Writing strategies, we ensure that every message is filled with facts, not fluff. And by keeping our messaging concise, we grab every reader’s attention rather than losing it with long-winded content.

Why is Clear Writing so important? We have some surprising news for you …

  • Did you know that nearly half of all Canadians have some difficulty with reading and writing?1
  • Did you know they can only deal with material that is simple and clearly laid out?2

Many even have difficulty locating a single piece of information in a short text that’s free of distracting information.

Yes, nearly half of our population is struggling. And the other half? You can bet they’re too busy to read large amounts of text to gain small amounts of information. In other words, if your message is too long or too complex, you’ve just lost half your audience.

By believing that clarity counts, we help our clients reach their target audience. By keeping it clear and simple, we hit every target.

We understand your issue. You probably have a lot to say. You have so much to offer! No doubt, there are details … details! But we can help you sift through it all and highlight those main points.

We’ll always keep it clear, concise, and simple … without the clutter. It’s like spring cleaning for your messaging! But don’t worry – we’ll do all the dirty work.

1,2 Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies (PIAAC), Statistics Canada, 2013

Want to learn more about Clear Writing? One of our associates can tell you all about it in just one click!