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Tech and the City : Dx3 2014

Dx3 magazine

On March 5 and 6th Brickworks attended the 2nd annual Dx3 Conference in Toronto! The event was originally described as an “immersive playground” and boy they weren’t kidding. In short, the conference focused on the future of digital marketing/advertising/retailing, in long it REALLY inspired us and made us want to try new things for clients.

BuzzFeed“Publishing is now a Paris Café”

Day 1 of Dx3 kicked off with an incredibly insightful address from BuzzFeed’s EVP of Business Operations, Eric Harris. When Eric took the mic it was SRO, and after hearing him speak it’s no surprise. BuzzFeed is arguably the most successful content website in the world: constantly cooking up engaging and unique content to a hungry audience. Eric’s address explained the changing landscape of media consumption and how social networks have become the starting point for all web interactions: “the way to a consumer’s heart is through their s̶t̶o̶m̶a̶c̶h̶ feed”.


The Showroom floor featured a plethora of digital companies, waiting to show and tell….

Hointer, a retail/manufacturer technology company is completely digitizing the clothing selection process.  By downloading their app, customers can scan and select their jean’s size and then BOOM the jeans of choice are magically waiting to be tried on in a designated change room.

Globe & Mail
The increase in digital has meant a decline in the newspaper industry. In an attempt to appeal to the younger Millennial generation, Globe & Mail setup a virtual reality ‘paper dude’ game. The game was a new age take on a nostalgic childhood Nintendo game: paper boy. Participants had to ride a bike and point and throw papers at neighborhood mailboxes. Our score: 225

Café Kijiji
Kijij set up a pop café: offering free cappuccino, espresso, lattes, and hot chocolate to all! Representatives scanned passes and offered  the option of signing up for their Kijiji newsletter in exchange for a free beverage.

Canadian Tire

“It’s not digital. It’s business

Day 2’s keynote speaker was Canadian Tire’s SVP of Communications and Corporate Affairs, Duncan Fulton. Duncan’s speech focused on “the Case for Innovation”: specifically how Canadian Tire’s sister company, Sport Check is re-inventing the retail store through a digital make-over. Their goal is to be the world leader in digitizing retail, and by the looks of their Yonge/Eglington store, they are well on their way.

The overall theme that we took away from the conference was fearlessness: don’t be afraid to take chances and experiment with your digital initiatives.  The biggest companies in the world are still trying to figure out digital but they’re trying new things and forging their own path to greatness, and you can too!