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We’ve won!
Brickworks’ campaign for PowerStream Inc. comes out on top


Energy savings is easy, just ask the kids

Saving energy and lowering the cost of your electricity bill is not complicated. That was the message our marketing experts at Brickworks Communications brought across through the “Smart Kids” campaign.

We’re excited to announce that last week the “Smart Kids” campaign was recognized with the Outstanding Achievement in Residential Marketing and Communications Award at the Association of Energy Professionals’ 24th Annual Conference in San Diego, California.

We originally launched the campaign back in April 2013 and designed it to assist our client, Greater Toronto Area energy company, PowerStream Inc. in achieving its energy and demand reduction targets, set out by the Ontario Power Authority. Yet the agency’s campaign results went beyond that goal.

The “Smart Kids” campaign resulted in a tremendous uptake in program participation. By the end of 2013 PowerStream Inc. signed up 13,400 customers to one of its most prominent conservation programs, peaksaver PLUS. This was above the utility’s initial goal of signing up 9,500 customers to the program.

Our focus for the campaign was to communicate how easy it is for homeowners to save energy. We wanted to use an element that customers could relate to.

Enter the “Smart Kids.” These super cute kids acted as professional spokespeople while they explained how homeowners can sign up for free conservation programs to reduce household energy costs. As one little girl put it, “It’s so easy, my brother could do it.”

We had them speaking about free conservation programs such as the peaksaver PLUS program which was created to address potential power outages and strain on the grid on hot summer days when everyone is running their central air conditioners. On those days, the participants’ central air is cycled on and off, but never for more than four hours and never on weekends and holidays.

The program offers free programmable thermostats and an in-home energy display (IHDs) to utility customers who have central air which, if used properly, could account to a savings of 10 per cent on electricity bills.

Another program we were excited to promote through the “Smart Kids” campaign was the heating and cooling incentive which saw a young boy explain that when homeowners replace their old heating and cooling systems with eligible replacement heating systems and ENERGY STAR qualified central cooling systems (purchased and installed by a participating contractor), they can receive up to $650 in incentives.

And just why are utility companies interested in saving us money? Their focus on saving energy is simple. It is more cost effective to reduce the amount of electricity we use than to build costly new generation facilities.

What’s next for Brickworks Communications? Our agency plans to continue offering grounded thinking that achieves results for clients, in some of the most in-demand marketing categories including digital technology, emerging media and strategic communications.

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