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Super Bowl of Ads

The Super Bowl.

It’s arguably the most entertaining event all year. Two great teams faceoff in one epic showdown, but that’s not the only battle being waged, there’s another one happening at commercial break. Getting an ad in the Super Bowl is well, like winning the Super Bowl. And there is a lot of pressure that comes when billions of people are watching. With the average 30 second time slot going for 3.5 million, there is a lot of money and a lot of expectation riding on Super Bowl ads being ‘good’, and not just from their corporate sponsors!

The audience at home has come to expect the very best from Super bowl ads. It’s the one day a year
people not only watch ads (in their entirety), but they get excited about seeing them, or seeing them the next day, right Canada? Super bowl ads can really resonate with their audience: leaving a lasting impression that results in sharing, linking, posting, tweeting and viewing, over and over. Pretty sure I’ve seen the Volkswagen’ Lil Darth Vader’ spot like, 20 times… today. Which is why social media integration has taken Super Bowl ad response, one step further: Super Bowl sponsors have multiple ways to see how their ad is responding with consumers, weeks and months after they’ve aired. Which is the biggest justification for the 3.5 million dollar price tag: advertisers can hear honest opinions about what their target audiences’ love and hate about their ads.

If Super Bowl ads are executed well, audiences will want to be associated with the brands responsible: so they’ll be viewed less like ads, and more like the creative art forms they are. After all, in this business, it’s about HOW you say it.

Get a head start on Feb. 3 and check out 3 of the commercials that will be airing during this year’s Bowl…

I don’t know they can top a lil Darth Vader, but they sure can try! This time, Volkswagen calls upon the forces of YouTube for their, “Get Happy” ad.
Agency: Deutsch LA

Mercedes Benz shifts into a lower gear with their ad staring a sloooooow Kate Upton. This ad is not so much making me want to drive a Benz, as it is reminding me I need to wash my car, and starve myself.
Agency: Merkley Partners

M&M’s is back with ‘Mrs. Brown’, only this time, she’s not so sweet. She’s out for revenge for last year’s commercial which saw ‘red’ strip his clothes off in the middle of a party.
Agency: BBDO, New York

Ghosts of Christmas Past

The 2012 holiday season has come and gone, but we’re supposed to keep the spirit of Christmas with us the whole year, right? With that in mind, check out the photos of our beautiful storefront window designed and executed by our talented Senior Graphic Designer, Heidi Gemill.