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Brickworks Online – The Migration to the .co domain extension It’s shorter, it’s easy to remember, and it’s all ours! .co, the fresh, new domain extensions for websites, has been adopted by Brickworks for our website, and we’re thrilled.

.com, the legacy domain extension, has over 100 MILLION registrations. To get a TLD (Top Level Domain) with a .com this day in age in near impossible. .co, however, is shorter, more social, and… available!

In addition, with an increasing number of people browsing on mobile devices, it’s important to have short and easy-to-remember web addresses. There are many .co premium names that have already turned into successful websites. For example, Overstock’s re-branded online retailing marketplace has taken on;, Twitter’s URL shortener, is showing millions of links per day and is in the top 100 of ranked sites from; and is Go Daddy’s publicly available vanity URL shortening service. Even King Google has further linked together its URL shortcut to a short and simple

Associated globally with the words “COmpany”, “COrporation” and “Commerce”, the .co domain is easy to recognize, simple to remember and flexible to use. That makes it the perfect solution for today’s socially networked individuals and companies.

A top question on many people’s minds: How does .co rank on Google?
A .co web address operates similar to legacy Top Level Domains, such as your standard .com and .org. A .co website has the same possibility to rank well on search engines AS LONG as it provides valuable content to the internet community. Here is what Matt Cutts of Google has to say: