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Multimatic Motorsports Online re-launches with a new look!

Multimatic Motorsports kicks off its 20th anniversary with the launch of a new website!

While an important objective was to update the look and feel of the site, equally important was Multimatic’s need to be able to manage the content easily, accurately and from remote locations. Furthermore, Brickworks helped to more easily maintain Multimatic’s ever-growing photo library and news archive.

By using an industry standard content management (CMS), Multimatic employees are now able to easily edit and maintain the site with minimum delay. Brickworks redesigned the Multimatic website with convenience in mind, as advanced CMS updates and applications can now be easily installed as they become available.

The site has two main classes of users: in-house users, who are benefitting significantly from the more straight forward CMS environment, as well as Multimatic’s sponsors, who have benefitted dramatically from content being updated in a more timely fashion. In addition, graphical content is more easily integrated into the themes of the site; this is an important feature for any company that needs to get products into market quickly and effectively.

Multimatic is continually evolving its race program with different cars, classes and most importantly sponsorships. Having a theme-based, open-source website was critical as updates to the site had to be done with minimal disruption and re-entry of content.

“Jon, Nick and the team at Brickworks have done a tremendous job designing and programming the site, and I think that the end users of the site will appreciate the rich graphics and well organized site structure. As content editors, it has been great using the new online tools to upload images and update a lot of the content ported from the old site.” – Jonathan Vinden, Director of Communications – Multimatic

Check out the new site at