Monthly Archives: January 2010

Looking Back at 2009

Approaching 2009, the Brickworks’ team agreed not to accept the “pain and suffering” of the recession. We opened (not closed) our doors and windows and yelled it out so everyone could hear. For us, standing still just wasn’t an option.

The process started with “grounding”, some research, planning and a better understanding of where we were and where we needed to go. At first there was still some fear; then realization; and finally excitement about creating and implementing change. Simply put we are experiencing a “shift” in our approach, style of messaging and behaviour.

We found that in order for us (Brickworks and its clients) to move forward, we needed to be more focused and have a better understanding of who the “influencers” are (namely, YOU) and how we should communicate with them. When the shift happened from one-way communications to two-way (between consumers and companies), we quickly realized that communicating had evolved into something bigger, better and definitely more challenging.

Together, we agreed that we needed to talk “with” not “at” our audiences, and needed to do it under “their” terms not “ours”. This meant integrating all aspects of our business together both online and offline, internal and external. Throughout our research, we found that the best place to start was with a detailed audit of the client, the competition and the opportunities.

Today, Brickworks is a closer team than ever before. We’ve expanded into the social media realm and have hired SM experts to help lead the way. We are also working closely with our clients developing a culture that is about learning and teaching rather than just “doing”. We are creating change that is producing results.

Hold on – the experience just got started!